Plex' it up !

Une news à ne pas manquer... Plexus Records sera présent lors de chaque dernière émission mensuelle du "Turn it up show" sur radio Pulsar (95.9FM), programme animé par Dj Hoptimyst que l'on ne présente plus !

Les meilleures nouveautés hip-hop "indé" disponibles au shop seront présentées chaque fin de mois pendant une petite demi-heure, idéal pour ne pas passer à côté de l'incontournable ;) !

La première, c'était le vendredi 31 mai, voici le podcast, on vous laisse deviner le topic du jour :

Le petit bonus, c'est cette petite présentation du label Blunted Astronauts par Kuba pour l'occasion :

"The ideas behind the label begun coming to my mind late in 2009, but the label officially started in October 2011, with it’s first release « Stay True » by TRAC, produced by Drumatic from Philadelphia. I’ve worked with Drumatic in the early days on the covers and design, but we decided to go seperate ways in the summer of 2012. He has his own label now (KicDrum Products), and I collaborate on the artwork with Mr. Krum from England. He also designs for Slice of Spice, and Cold Rock Stuff (his own label). We take design of our records very seriously.

We focus mainly on hip hop, but the plan is to diversify things this year and next year. Jazz, funk, new wave.. We’re going to do it all.

Main artists on the label are DXA from New York and DJ Doom, also from New York. We’ve released 15 records in a year and a half. We’re working from artists from all over the world. We like to work with less known artists and bring new talent.

Our next release will be a 7″ by Ghettosocks, produced by SoundsSci. After that we’re going to do a 7″ with Edo G from Boston.

All i could think of in 5 minutes


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